Company Profile:

Rothoblaas is the multinational Italian company that has made innovative technology its mission, making its way to the forefront of technology for wooden building and construction safety in just a few years.

Product Highlight:

  1. Fastening - Structural screws, wood-wood connections, junctions for walls and buildings, plate and angle brackets.
  2. Airtightness and waterproofing - Vapour stops and vapour barriers, variable diffusion membranes, breathable membrane, bituminous underlay, butyl and expanding tapes.
  3. Soundproofing - Resilient polyurethane profiles, sound proofing membranes.
  4. Fall protection - Safety lines, anchor points, collective protection (CPE), personal protection equipment (PPE)
  5. Tools and machines - Equipment for carpentry, measuring instructions, solution for wood repairs, nail guns, woodworking machines.