Company Profile:

Focus One Software sees the need to bring digital to business. Therefore, Focus One has developed various business solution platforms to be applied to various types of businesses. The main goal is to develop a program to be applied to solve problems for businesses in various fields, which must be a program that meets international standards and can support Thai businesses of all sizes, from small, medium and large to the Enterprise level. Focus One Software teams have more than 15 years of many international software development experience. Our team have been devoted these experience to developing Thai software that can compete with world-class softwares. Our products include Focus One ERP, Focus One LINK, Focus One CRM, Betabute-Project Management, all of which are the best platforms to meet your needs. The Needs of the business today, technology can support their future growth and minimize businesses investment.

Product Highlight:

  1. BETABUTE Project Management - is the solution and revolution of all modern building & construction businesses.
  2. Project Planning - is one of BTB’s strength as not only user can view project schedule, BTB has a financial view of project schedule comparing with Cost of materials and labor (based on BOQ Cost/ BOQ Contract VS) Time plan / Time Actual )
  3. Work Tracking - allows you to monitor the site fields without traveling and foresee the problems, eliminating the risk of construction caused from the site constructions, labor problems, material problems, etc.
  4. Project Risk Analysis Report - is BTB‘s management analysis report which can forecast the future risk to seek an immediate management decisions and actions.

Manufacturer, Distributor, Service Provider