Company Profile:

We focus on building trust partners at all levels with quality work, deliver on time and after-sales service. Looking beyond to the future with modern technology, awareness of the environment and working safely.

Product Highlight:

  1. One-stop service of construction of factory buildings, warehouses. Complete design and construction services.
  2. Design service / detailing service with BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology that will step into help the working process accurately, quickly and efficiently.
  3. Forged steel work, wrought iron / engineering services, metal fabrication and all of fabrication work with modern machines and a team of experienced steel engineers.
  4. Underground water tanks are products of water tanks with in size from 5,000-100,000 litters.
  5. CHAN MR Trading are importer of construction products and a complete range of industrial machinery.

Importer, Service Provider